About us

About Easy Life Medical Tech Co.,Ltd
We are an experienced manufacture which specialized in foot care industrial over 10 years, we produce a lot range of foot care products, such as insoles, ball of foot, heel cushions, arch supports etc. A well designed pair of insoles can bring people not only comfort, but also good health.

About Our R&D
We have researched and developed various types of medicinal shoe mates. Such as PU foam, TPE gel, PU gel, EVA foam etc, some of our designs have incorporated unique functions such as sole kneading, decompression and damping, deodorization, anti-viral properties and magnetism. We constantly cooperate with international companies in order to adapt new materials to the insole. Our aim is to combine body engineering science into fashion, developing partnerships between the fields of industry, sport and science.

Our Production Ability

Output of products can be 2000 pairs each day, however, the orders need to wait in line, buy material such as fabric, so, usually, we will be able to supply 5000 pairs products with 3 weeks, 10000 pairs products with 4 weeks.  We are happy to receive OEM orders, customers’ logo/company name can be printed or carved onto the products. People if don’t want use there own brand, they can also use ours, which is “SoEasyFeet”. We export our product to more than 30 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Australia, Sweden, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Iran, Brazil and Turkey, Chile etc.



Contact: Andy Lee

Phone: +8615801482108

Tel: /Whatsapp:+8615801482108

Email: Info@soeasyfeet.com

Add: 6# Building, Ganlancheng, Shengli Xilu, Taochengqu, Hengshui,Hebei Province, China

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