1) Can I order directly on the Web

Our web  don't have function of receiving orders directly. Please just write  info@soeasyfeet.com

if  you have questions or orders.  Mr. Andy Lee will reply your email as soon as he saw it.

If you find it is too long to wait for his reply, please just call him at his cell phone +8615801482108  to remind him  about the email.

2) Are you able to do OEM orders?
Yes, we are happy to receive OEM orders, Customer's logo, Company name or some other  information can be printed or carved onto the insole.

3) Can you produce new insoles designed by customer?
Yes, We are happy to develop insoles by receiving designs in version of *.cdr,  *.ai, *dwa,  etc. If  customer think his design is important and not able to be disclosed, we are suggesting to sign a  Non-disclosure agreement, so as to protect customer’s view and ideas.

4) Are you able to make packaging for my product?
Yes, we can produce packagings according to customer's request, by using their designs in *CDR or  *AI files etc. We are able to supply  a rang of packagings, such as PP box with printing, PE box,  Clamshell with Paper card, Blister with paper card, and Paper box as well.

5) What is your lead time for orders?
For orders quantity below 3000 pairs  we usually spend about 20 days to produce. For order quantity below 5000  pairs, we usually spend 25 days to produce.   Pu gel insoles, order quantity below 10000 pairs, we can finished produc in 25 days.   Some SEBS small foot accessories will take use 15 days to produce.

6) What payment method do you use?
We use various methods to receive payments, as long as customer like. Mostly we  use TT, but if customer like we can also use LC, Western Union, Money Gram, PayPal as well.

7)Shipping terms?
This depends on Customers.

8)) Are you insole manufacturer or Trading company? 

      we are insoles manufacturer for SEBS foot accessories, Pu gel insoles and Silicones. But it is difficult for one company to produce all kinds of materials, so we are not all kindly of insole suppliers. Some of our   products are produced by our Naborhood factories. We will be able to get a very low cost and be able to contral the order producing carefully.



Contact: Andy Lee

Phone: +8615801482108

Tel: /Whatsapp:+8615801482108

Email: Info@soeasyfeet.com

Add: 6# Building, Ganlancheng, Shengli Xilu, Taochengqu, Hengshui,Hebei Province, China

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